People who are involved in family law disputes may experience some of the most stressful moments of their lives.  If you are involved in a divorce or custody dispute or thinking about filing with the court, you know that some of the stress comes from the uncertainty of losing control over making decisions about what is best for your family and your life.

Choosing to mediate your case instead of litigating can increase your feeling of having some degree of control over the process and the result.  It can lessen the amount of stress and uncertainty that you are facing and reduce the financial burden of completing the process.

Attorney Jill Creech Bauer, the owner of Less Stress Divorce & Family Law Mediation Center, is an experienced family law attorney and certified mediator.  She offers a flat fee mediation package that includes preparation and filing of paperwork, guidance through the entire court process and all court costs.  She works with families who choose to represent themselves and families who are being represented by attorneys.  Call today to set up your appointment.

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